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Your passport to pasty paradise – get the lowdown on Greggs Outlet stores


Whether they’re a lunchtime staple, an occasional treat, a proven hangover cure, or a dirty little secret, there’s no denying the popularity of baked savouries.


Greggs Outlet stores – your passport to pasty savings

Whether you prefer a pasty of the corned beef or cheese variety or have more ‘traditional’ Cornish tastes, sometimes only the combination of warm pastry and filling hits the spot.

Recent years have seen gentrification of the line as humble pastieshave become chicken or steak bakes, and fillings have broadened to include sausage and bean, curry or vegetable.

But your pasty pound doesn’t go as far as it used to. We remember shelling out 85p for a Cornish back in 2009… today you’re talking closer to £1.50. While there mightn’t be a way to travel back in time (just as well – 2009 saw the release of Joe McElderry’s X-Factor song ‘The Climb’ (shudder)), there are ways you can save on your savouries.

Greggs, the bakers, the purveyors of pasties to the nation, run a small chain of ‘Greggs outlet’ stores where you can get your hands on a next-day bake at half the price. Savouries are typically sold in packs of two for just £1 and, perhaps it’s our unrefined palates, but bar the fact that they come ‘unwarmed’ we’re hard pushed to tell much difference.

So, fill yer boots savoury squad, if there’s an outlet store near you (and the Greggs website store finder will help you find out) be sure to load on up on your favourite fillings.

If the bargain basement baker’s nearest branch is just too far to travel then it may also be worth checking out the ‘bake at home’ pack that are sold by the good folk at family freezer filler, Iceland.

Find your nearest Greggs Outlet with the Greggs store finder.